Hey summer 2015

Received the world’s love for suede and fringe this summer.

Super stylish with suede shorts to brown legs and how wonderful is not the heels in black suede with fringe!!?

Skärmavbild 2015-04-27 kl. 17.53.08

Collage: Made by FashionX

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Ages ago and some spring inspo

Oh hi dear readers !

It was ages ago. Sometimes  life comes in the middle, but I’m so glad I ‘ve got new energy to start blogging again.

Hope all of you will come back!
I have lot of wonderful posts to look forward to!

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Pictures by the amazing Rami Hanna!5F4A0730 5F4A0733An absolutely gorgeous outfit that has been saved with these two wonderful pictures.
A big trend right now is to have the same fabric on top and bottom, even more trendy to have in any knitted material.

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and the life came between


No blogging for a month! Not good at all, but sometimes life comes between. Lots of schools have meant that there has not been time. But now I’m researching to find the time!

Picture: Rami Hanna

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Elle 2015

Swedish Elle gala was last week. Last year I was a little disappointed in the relaxed outfit but this year there were many wonderful outfits! Here are my favorites!

Foto: Emma SvenssonDSC7179Foto: Emma Svensson DSC6844 DSC6981 DSC6992


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