caroline blomst

Caroline Blomst clothes … I’m in love!
The website is completely wonderful with nice inspiring pictures and the clothes .. I like to have all!
My three favortiter you see below.

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Goyard tote


Goyard love - Polyvore
Collage made by FashionX
The wish of today is this wonderful Goyard tote!
Ever since I saw this bag I’ve always wanted one. It’s big, and more rare then the usual LV totes, the pattern works with almost anything and it’s chic. Personally I believe this bag fits as well to an ordinary outfit as a more fancy outfit. Adore it!

One Teaspoon

I just found these amazing denim shorts from One Teaspoon. They are simply perfect, exactly how denim shorts should look, a bit trashy and not too tight. These would go well with any outfit this summer. Definitely the wish of today!

Boy Chanel Bag

My latest obsession is this it Boy Chanel bag. I adore it, and want every color and material. It’s so easy to match, and a bit funnier and different then the classic Chanel bag. We have seen many well known fashion names all over the world wear this bag recently. So this is without doubt the wish of today!

Chiara Ferragni Shoes

Since I started reading Chiara Ferragnis blog i’ve fallen in love with her style. And one thing I couldn’t resist was her shoe collection. I mean, look at these glittery shoes. I love them, and I want a pair of each.