Vacation inspo

Some perfect vacation inspiration from Cover June/July 14. Cute bikinis, nice big shirts and a golden tan, just what we want. Lone Praesto looks fantastic in these photos btw, so beautiful.

Today’s inspo; Glamour Germany

Wow, these photos took my breath away when I saw them. There is so much soul in it and it feels real. The photographer Paul Maffi has manage to capture some amazing moments, and I can’t take my eyes of them. It almost feels like they are taken with a Polaroid camera, which might be why I adore them. Abby Brothers looks stunning in Glamour Germany July 2014. It’s no question about these being today’s inspo.

Angelica Blick for Bik Bok

Bik book has had collaborations with Whitney Port and the Olsen twins, and now it’s the wonderful Swedish fashion blogger Angelica’s turn. Crave!

I expect an amazing collection from an amazing girl with great style!

The blue suit on the last picture looks wonderful on, not to mention the red dress!

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skarmavbild_2014-03-03_kl_114558_53145d9bddf2b3120e8e42d5 skarmavbild_2014-03-03_kl_114634_53145da09606ee12baef4ef1 skarmavbild_2014-03-03_kl_114624_53145d9f9606ee129c8af16b skarmavbild_2014-03-03_kl_114610_53145d9d2a6b222343b8cc04Pictures:

Rami Hanna Photographer


One name that has become big the recent time is Rami Hanna, a Swedish fashion photographer. Many Swedish blogger’s outfit pics are taken by him, and that is what he work with most: outfit photos and street style. Keep and eye out for that name, I believe it will be a world known name soon.
So today’s inspo is Rami Hanna’s street style/outfit photos.