MFW street style

As many others I get a lot of my inspiration from street style photos, i think that’s where you can find the most creative outfits and pic any parts of an outfit to create your own. These street style photos from Milano Fashion Week are so lovely, mostly I like all the colorful creations.

Safe card

When you have a bad day and can’t find anything to wear my safe card are a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt. So classic and beautiful. I totally love the mix, and just add a nice bag and shoes. Heels and a clutch if it’s a nice event and maybe sneakers and a tote if it’s just an ordinary day. This will definitely work every day, and will be your safest safe card! Doesn’t even matter what season, a timeless outfit.

Baby blue, baby pink…

Vogue Daily — It Had to Be Blue

Baby blue, baby pink, baby purple, baby green etc… Sugar sweet are what the newest trend taste like. We prefer having a baby pink coat on our shoulders these cold days, creates a good contrast against the grey weather we’re surrounded by. Both in Stockholm during Fashion week and in New York during fashion week we could see many stylish outfit with a baby color. And expecting to see a lot more of that the coming season.

NYFW Street Style pt. 2

More street style from NYFW, I get most of my inspiration from street style photos. Because you can see so many different styles and mixes of styles. Also, it’s not only expensive brands. Anyway enjoy these photos.