jennie ellen

Jennie Ellen is a fairly new designer from Sweden who makes absolutely gorgeous shoes. Saw her shoes for the first time a few years ago and absolutely fell in love, met her in person and she is so cute! The shoes are not just how good-looking but is also good in price.

IMG_71211 IMG_8632 ghjk AW14Jennie-EllenThese two pictures are from the current collection.
IMG_1086 je-1Pictures from: google and

Buckles shoes

Zara shoes - Polyvore
Recently have I fallen in love with these types of shoes above, high heels with buckles and open heel, so neat. I really think you can style it however you want, and I made a collage showing how you can style it with different types of clothes. Either you can style them with a cute outfit, lace and pastel colors or style them as they are; cool and tough. Either way I love them, and so does many fashion icons as we have seen them all over the world lately. The shoes above are from Zara.

Slip on the spring

Our latest slip on purchases. Love them both.

Unfortunately the black one with pony hair is sold out for those of you who were interested in them. But the ones from h&m is left so just run and buy you a par!

I promise you will not regret it!
Skärmavbild 2014-03-19 kl. 15.39.42Collage : Made by FashionX


Had a love the past year for Mike Jordan sneakers. So very stylish and fits with jeans, shorts and dress. Will procure me a pair as soon as possible.

6hh air-jordan-i-girls-valentines-day-1

Hard to find pictures of them so these will have to do, but there are many that are much better looking!

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Gold and silver


tumblr_n1px43TvcL1qk08cto1_400 tumblr_mwjja9Shhm1rxkl0uo1_400

That we have sneaker fever,  have probably you guys understanding . How hot are these in silver and gold!?

I waaant!


A major trend in the spring that I’ve been completely in love with slip-on sneakers or vans. It’s so freaking hot and looks just as good with jeans as to dress or skirt. My favorites are the ones with leopard print! Need to purchase me at least a three!

fashionxCollage made by me!