Yesterday was the annual Victoria Secret fashion show . (Unfortunately for us to wait a while before it goes on TV) A dream both to go on the runway and just be there!

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Im sorry

Sorry for bad blogging. Have so much to do so the time is not enough! Super sorry for it because I love blogging.

Anyway so the Swedish brand BACK made a reflex collection. Ideal for dark winter days. The collection is sold only in few places and consists of sporty garments and accessories.

back-reflex-jackaann-sofie-back-reflex back-reflex-vaska Pictures :

Taylor Swift

I’m no fan of  her as a person and not her music either… But I must say, she looks absolutely stunning on the cover of the magazine Wonderland’s Nov / Dec number that was released just a few days ago. Love the ”wet” look and natural make-up!


Here are some other pictures from the magazine.


The Wildfox Dreamhouse

Totally forgot to show you the pictures from Wildfox Barbie collection. Is a very funny idea, even though it is very special!
Would probably only wear these clothes at home but oh well, I’d feel like a living Barbie.



Alexander Wang X hm

I am the owner of a garment of Alexander Wang X hm and I’m so happy. It was very plucked out but I still managed to get the garment I want!


The top is so much better looking on!


 Pictures: hm and FashionX

Alexander McQueen | Spring/Summer 2015 |

YouTube Preview Image

Alexander McQueen is one of my favorite brands. Although Alexander Mcqueen’s tragic death a few years ago the brand remains as nice and inspiring as before! Spring / summer collection 2015 is so inspiring, the gorgeous fabrics and designs make me weak! Here are two wonderful videos from the show and a wonderful backstage video.

YouTube Preview Image

Both videos are from McQueenworld on

Wang love

Exactly one week left before the Alexander Wang’s collection for hm released! Here are some of my favorites, LOVE!

Skärmavbild 2014-10-30 kl. 18.35.296104_SL_109_OL 6104_SL_113_OL 6104_SL_115_OL 6104_SL_128_OL Skärmavbild 2014-10-30 kl. 18.41.26Pictures:

Chanel 0,5

YouTube Preview Image

Becomes warm in the heart of seeing this advertising film from Chanel. So beautiful and inspiring!


Alexander Wang x H&M

The images from Alexander Wang’s collection from HM came out a few days ago. A super cool collection but I must say I am a little disappointed. What I love about Alexander Wang is his gorgeous basic garments and classy accesooarer, something I was hoping to see, I keep my fingers crossed that it is when everything is released!

 alexanderwangxhm-runway-12-430x657alexanderwangxhm-runway-17-430x645alexanderwangxhm-runway-26-430x645alexanderwangxhm-runway-46-430x327Pictures :