One person I daily inspired by is the designer Anine Bing. I love not only her clothes but Im also inspiring by her chic casual style.


In her own design.

Anine-Bing-by-Trevor-Hoehne-2013-Portraits-06Image by Anna Maria Zunino Noellert - ANNAMARIAFOTOGRAF.comANINE-BINGSkärmavbild 2014-12-04 kl. 20.40.58


Gabriella Wilde

A girl who is not only beautiful but also inspires people with her style!

Meet the English model and actress Gabriella Wilde.


Gabriella Wilde for Flaunt MagazineSkärmavbild 2014-11-04 kl. 22.48.22

Collage made by FashionX


Rachel zoe, my style x Pinterest

A few days ago I showed Olivia Palmeros Style Guide on Pinterest. Rachel Zoe has done the same thing and want to show you hers also because I love her bohemian chic style! She has many different folders as she shows off photos of her fashion collections, favorite looks, favorite destinations, and much more. Press here to go to her folder.

Enjoy lot of inspiration!

Inside Rachel Zoe Studio

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Style icons & Collection Inspiration

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Living In Style

To celebrate the release of my new book, Living In Style, I’ve asked some of my favorite pinners to share what glamour means to them. Hope you’re inspired to join in with #LivingInStyle! xoRZ


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Olivia Palermo, my style x Pinterest

Skärmavbild 2014-09-25 kl. 10.54.23

Olivia Palermo has made like a folder on pinterest with pictures of herself, her outfits and many tips on clothes and accessories she likes.

Really fun idea when she is such a big fashion icon for many. Click here to get to the folder.

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In the folder are the pictures from when Olivia made ​​#30Looks30Days.

Here are some of my favorites:

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Then there are lot of inspo images.

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I love W magazine youtube channel. They offer lot of fun inspirational videos. Among models beauty secrets, and how to get a perfect selfie like the celebrities themselves. Who does not want to get tips how to be good at image from  Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio and many more!

YouTube Preview Image

Olivia Palermo and her style

We have written about Olivia Palermo so many times but we could never finish inspired by her wonderful outfits! She dresses always so neat and stylish! I wish for her entire wardrobe for Christmas .. wish can you always do!

First Annual Moet & Chandon Tiny Tennis Invitational4r Olivia-Palermo2_glamour_13feb14_rex_b_592x888 jknm olivia-palermo-emilia-wickstead-spring-fashion-show-pic145232 olivia-palermo-carven-spring-2014-fashion-show-zara-checked-zip-dress-stuart-weitzman-highland-bootsPictures: and