grain blue

Skärmavbild 2015-04-27 kl. 21.50.46

Okay I’m a little in love with this soft but still super cool outfit!

This particular grain blue  with light gray and white color makes my heart beat faster!

Collage made by FashionX

Met gala 15

tumblr_nnwg89UtSe1r4v4szo1_500Oh my God what beautiful dresses the met gala offered! Kendall’s green dress is my favorite! Stylish, glamorous and sexy at the same time.

Below you can see pictures of my favorites from the night.

tumblr_nnvugeJXdj1u4w8obo1_500amal-clooney-met-gala-2015 tumblr_nnvc2dtSLT1s7ybrco1_500kim-kardashian-west-met-gala-2015rihanna-met-gala-2015-best-dressedtumblr_nnvlspbhMb1qg51nlo1_500Pictures: Tumblr and vogue

rosie huntington whiteley

Can we just take a minute and look at this gorgeous, fashion icon. This selfie is absolutely wonderful, love the hat and jacket!


Some other wonderful pictures!


I don’t always want to be the face of everything. I think you have to take risks in life and scare yourself. You have to push beyond your comfort zone in order to grow.

— Rosie

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Beach ready

Put together a collage of clothes for lovely beach days. This summer, I promise myself to wear a lot of colors and patterns. My favorite in the collage are the two yellow bags, one from Balenciaga and one from Topshop.

Skärmavbild 2015-05-04 kl. 10.39.41

Collage made by FashionX