The collage shows, how I dressed  recent days!. I have since I bought my jeans shirt by Mary-Kate and Ashley’s collection become totally in love with jenas outfts. Both the top and pants together. To those I have matched with my black Isabel Marant shoes and my new gorgeous bag by Malene Birger. Love it!

Skärmavbild 2014-06-30 kl. 22.27.25Collage made by FashionX

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl – wedding

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl just got married and released the news yesterday! They are one of my top three favorite celebrity couple and Olivia has  always been my big fashion idol and inspiration. I’m so happy for them. Now to the dress, Olivia wore a dress by Carolina Hererra, which had a cardigan top which have made big news. I on the other hand really love the dress, so simple and stunning, eye catching. She has once again shown that she can pull off anything at any time, and at here wedding she looked amazing.  It doesn’t need to be big and extraordinary on your wedding day, as I have always thought, Olivia really proves that. And Johannes also looked stunning, in a white suit which matched Olivia’s dress.

Kirstin Liljengren

A model that I discovered the other day when I was at Zara is the Danish model Kirstin Liljengren. When I searched for her name and looked at what she had done before I realized that I have seen her several times before.

She is so beautiful and she definitely have a unique look.


This picture I saw at zara.

Bild187_7b6590aeee Bild196_9d9d140caf Bild139_cf23821749 Bild1482_88ee0060c0 Bild94_5202169553

Bild130_bd125e60a4 Bild88_9d0d33521b Bild97_5f23645241 Bild218_0bed508e09

Pictures taken from her argentur which you can find here.

Todays inspo

tumblr_n7u059dI9l1talp48o1_500tumblr_n7oiyuhXyg1rmfv8to1_500tumblr_n5z4pqi5hB1rsuch2o1_500 tumblr_n44fl6eFmh1qdf12ho1_500Hey, it’s hard to keep the uppdating good in the summer the days just flows away. So we apologize if the update is not the best!



I chose to show you these pictures because I get so inspired by her simultaneous classy style but still with that little extra. She has a lot of clothes with patterns that I once again love and how wonderful is not all her shoes?


Shiona-Turini-18-376x170Shiona-Turini-32-376x563Shiona-Turini-20-376x299Shiona-Turini-25-376x268 Shiona-Turini-24-376x222 Shiona-Turini-27-376x586Shiona-Turini-1-376x220

Shiona-Turini-22-376x285Source and pictures from


I’m in love with Hunkydorys fall / winter campaign 2014. How wonderful are not the pictures, the styling and the clothes. Want it all!




Hunkydory themselves describe the images and styling like this.

Inspired by the eccentric and legendary icons of the 70´s and 80´s era with their daring styles and impulsive characters that ground their experimental, unpretentious style within the music and art scene Hunkydory presents a collection that reflects confidence and personality.

3c6449200055ce8ff3d63841eee196fd_686x0_c_85_v3 9e381dbfe92b87019453ae37f030c763_686x0_c_85_v3

Must admit that I’m extra in love with the missoni patterned dress and fluffy jacket in this picture.

258b3addc06a3d34f0ff40e108554082_686x0_c_85_v3 5d8c4965c64b4b0ba5f845924de99e2e_686x0_c_85_v32c181c4d49fd41dca951c5643a884331_686x0_c_85_v3 bc606b3db4e0aade0dc236b902be995c_686x0_c_85_v3Source and pictures from

patterned pants

Sorry for bad blogging the past few days. It has been a holiday for us with plenty celebration but now we are back as usual.

I have fallen in love with patterned pants so here’s a collage I made with some goodies.

Skärmavbild 2014-06-21 kl. 17.09.07

Pants from: Missoni,Vera Moda, DG, Tory burch x 2 and Monki

Collage made by FashionX