Feather jacket

silvahh - Polyvore
Found this amazing feather jacket from Givenchy and I totally fell in love with it! I adore the details on the neck, which make you in no need for any necklace. And that the model is a bit short, which gives it a chich look.
collage by me

Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean - Polyvore
A color that’s very attractive right now is blue. I really like this color, match so well with any other color. One person who also love this color is fashion blogger Song of Style. She really know how to match an entire outfit with the color blue, stunning!

Coachella fashion

COACHELLA - Polyvore
Coachella is during now, and I can tell you that I’m so jealous of those who are there right now. Not only for the festival it self but also for the fashion, I love festival fashion. Bohemchic is a personal favorite. I get so inspired by all those who are there now, and their outfits. I made a collage of how I would like to be dressed. With a Isabel Marant blouse, One teaspoon shorts and primeboots.

Wang for H&M – Breaking news

Breaking news! I just read that H&M and Alexander Wang announced that he will be H&M new guest designer. He will also be the first american to design for H&M. They announced it at a party hosted by Wang and H&M yesterday. Wang is really excited about this and his plan is to make something different, but says it’s to early to talk about it now.

Well I am so excited about this collaborate, simply because I adore Alexander Wang and his designs. And I think he will do an amazing work with H&M.
<p>Breaking news: Alexander Wang x H&amp;M


Metallic - Polyvore
I’ve got a thing for metallic bags lately, I think they are so chic and cool. Takes the outfit to a new dimension, looks so good. My favorites are the one from Alexander Wang and the Balenciaga bag.

H&M Conscious exclusive

H&M conscious exclusive collection is absolutely stunning. The lace dress with the big neckless, wow. This collection is in store now, so go get it!