Im in love

The second collection of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for Bik book released today.
I have been in love with a dress that I unfortunately do not have the money for right now. Damn nice it is. (The white dress in the picture below) Very nicely anyway and I’m not surprised that the hole collection is.

These girls know what they’re doing!1377439_681469128530305_1994741824_n

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Skärmavbild 2013-10-24 kl. 12.46.58Skärmavbild 2013-10-24 kl. 12.51.41Skärmavbild 2013-10-24 kl. 12.46.32

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Here’s your chance, do your dance

” Alright, I count it, I show it

I take it out and I throw it

Them real niggas is here and know everybody know it ”

Cara I’m totally in love with her style. How hot  can you be? I’m really jealous of this girl and she seems to be so funny. Thumbs up for Cara Delevinge the new Kate Moss!

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Fashion Icon: CHIARA

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3U5A3587 copia
_MG_8482 copia
Today’s fashion icon is the wonderful Chiara Ferragni, also known as The Blonde Salad. She runs the blog: which is one of my favorite fashion blogs. Her style is new, modern, fun, playful and absolutely amazing. She started her own shoe line in 2010, Chiara Ferragni. And since she started her blog in 2009 we’ve seen her on the red carpet, front row, on the catwalk and more.

dusty pink h&m

Love H & M dusty pink collection. I want everything especially faux fur jackets and skirts in imitation leather. HOTTTT!

It is so nice to have bright clothing in autumn and winter but you forget  it when its get dark…

Shine this fall!

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