Fashion week day 2

Yesterday offered  a beautiful show with Ida Sjöstedt and a fun and cool collection from Bea Szenfeldt.


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Some favorites from Ida’s collection.

The first dress is AMAZING!



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Fashion Week Day 1

J. Lindberg, Hunkydory, Filippa K man, House of Dagmar and Carin Wester was some of the brands that showed their spring/summer collection 14.



House of Dagmar

Filippa K man

Carin Wester

summer I going to miss u so much

This summer is not over yet. Summer is my absolute favorite season. There is a major difference in the seasons in Scandinavia. The winters are very cold and long. It’s easy to go into a bubble in the winter so it comes really working on that s not doing it. You have to consider all cozy as can be done in the winter simply. But it is not snow here yet and just enjoy the rest of summer while it lasts!

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White Lace Shorts and Louis Vuitton Bag, Madison Avenueasqq efgg4 effef


tumblr_mry03h2peR1s3y9slo3_500tumblr_mqg2htR1A51rfig22o1_r3_500 '
tumblr_mrxwiedSeR1s9111go4_250 tumblr_mrjtwgDXE21sa6653o1_400 tumblr_mrhwkteBbd1qi8uy6o1_500 tumblr_mrho74j7cj1sn0u8yo1_500 tumblr_mrfr30JUxg1rj8f3xo1_500 tumblr_mqlnay2g5H1rtsxhjo1_500 tumblr_mqvuu4Ck4p1rszpe8o1_250 tumblr_mqtl7hPw4C1sd8vcto1_500 tumblr_mqll573vVD1rtsxhjo1_500 tumblr_mr39ihI8FI1qlj6mlo3_500Vogue surprisingly the second largest fashion magazine in the world after Elle. I love Vogue and insipreras much of the magazine. Here are some of my favorite Vogue covers. A favorite the latest  September cover from Vogue UK.


Checkered - PolyvoreCheckered pattern is this f/w biggest and hippest trend. There are many different ways to wear checkered, from a bag to a dress. I made a collage of where you can find checkered,my favorite is the classic Prada bag in blue.
Collage made by me