tumblr_mngch7zDnP1r75f8no1_500 tumblr_mnkcx1YvWU1qjymgjo1_500tumblr_mmy2umgUjb1rt39s0o1_400

tumblr_mn9o9gVfq01sq11odo1_500 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA tumblr_mng50xjW0G1rti1f8o1_500tumblr_mn6jbtO7Mq1qbqz7eo1_500Just love this new garment, the skort! It’s a skirt and a pair of shorts, genious! you can buy it on Zara. It’s the new IT.



I want to tell you about these stylish earrings that have entered the Lindex and online
They are perfect. Going to buy a pair today!

The fashion editor Anna Dello Russo

Packing for fashion week is no easy feat… especially when all eyes and lenses are on you. When everyone is expecting you to wear something more outrageous than the last time, it can be difficult trying to top an outfit complete with a cherry on top. But nobody does it quite like Anna Dello Russo.

Anna_Dello_Russo_Two_Shoot-00429861 Anna_Dello_Russo_1_Shoot-005_2 Anna_Dello_Russo_Two_Closet-018 Anna_Dello_Russo_Two_Shoot-005 Anna_Dello_Russo_Two_Closet-005 Anna_Dello_Russo_1_Shoot-002_2Anna_Dello_Russo_Two_Shoot-013 Anna_Dello_Russo_Two_Shoot-011