Beyoncé for H&M

We are so sorry for not posting this week, but we have been very busy! This wekend and ahead we will keep posting here as usual! Hope you understanding for this and keep reading our blog. Couse we really appreciate you readers!

But here are finally Beyoncés summer/beach cooperation with H&M. And it looks lovely, and so does Beyoncé of course. Cant wait for theese will be in stoore in the beginning of May.

Little blue book

Tiffany & Co. Celebrates Their New Jewelry Collection with a party. Everyone’s party outfits looked gorgeous!

TIFFANY-BLUE-BOOK-540_111405295705.jpg_carousel_parties TIFFANY-BLUE-BOOK-944_111410505426.jpg_carousel_parties TIFFANY-BLUE-BOOK-1270-2_111359124689.jpg_carousel_parties TIFFANY-BLUE-BOOK-841_111408996821.jpg_carousel_parties TIFFANY-BLUE-BOOK-1308_111359381792.jpg_carousel_parties TIFFANY-BLUE-BOOK-443-2_111404222757.jpg_carousel_parties

Pictures :